“Within Days, Our Life Was Totally Different With Little or No Problems With Our Computers”

>Computer Know How has been looking after our home computers for the past 5 yearsInitially we only had a desktop PC and Printer, however, as my 2 sons entered into the final years of high school it became obvious that they needed to be able to work on laptops in their own bedrooms. 3 years ago Marc installed a Wireless Network in our home and the system has worked extremely well. Recently my daughter returned home from overseas and Marc assisted networking her Apple Mac into the system.

Marc has been extremely patient in dealing with my limited knowledge of anything to do with computers and also the challenges presented by 2 teenage boys who tend to overestimate their computer prowess. On the rare occasions I have any issues with the Networking Marc has been able to talk me through the solution via a phone call. p>

I have had no hesitation in recommending Marc Robinson’s services in installing Wireless Networks and also his expertise in providing computer support services, to family and friends.


Linda Christensen

Marc Robinson has been our networking and IT technician for the past 10 years. During that time he has laid the cables for the interior network here at work, configured said network and maintained and serviced it. He has also handled all of our stock computer repairs during the same time frame.

Jeremy Steele
Cash Converters Browns plains

“Reduced Downtime and Improved IT Security WITHOUT
Spending A Fortune On New Equipment”

In April 2007 Marc Robinson of Computer Know How undertook the task of setting up a wireless network for the computers, printers and fax machine in the Queensland Police Legacy Office.

Prior to that time the computers had been networked through the Queensland Police Credit Union and had be maintained by their IT branch. It was quite a challenge for Marc to unravel the work previously done by the QPCU staff to enable a new wireless network being set up. Despite the obstacles presented in changing over the systems Marc was able to provide the Office with a much more efficient Wireless Network system.

As well as setting up the Wireless Network Marc gave invaluable advice in relation to the upgrading of the computers and installing new software. Marc has also provided in-home computer services to several of the Police Legacy Families. Marc has also made himself available to answer any queries I may have had and I am pleased to say that the Wireless Network has run smoothly since its initial installation.

Bernie Christensen
Queensland Police Legacy Scheme Ph 3236 2276 (19 June 2009)

Computer Know How has been doing work for several of my stores over the past 13 years, and have never had any issues with his work ethic or standards. Marc has done everything from fixing computers to net working entire stores, some stores consisting of 20 or more computers.

Aaron Prigmore
Regional Manager
Cliffview Group